Home Inspiration // An Arizona Desert Home

You may have noticed all of the cacti motifs floating about at the moment, and what these say to me is glorious Arizona-style desert home, which is both simple and chic. Which makes it a veritable wealth of design inspiration. Read on to see what I mean.

The exterior style of these sorts of houses tends to be modern, angular, and full of glass. The modern structure contrasts well with the natural desert in which it is placed.

Then there is the glass, that is there to make the best of all that wonderful natural sunlight, and the machines view that you get at this location.

Of course, the windows will need to fairly robust treatments to ensure that you don’t feel like you are living in a greenhouse all year round. That means blackout blinds or even a UV film that reflects some of the sun’s rays back outside, while still allowing it to be light indoors.

Interior style

Like their modern exterior, this style of home is minimal and modern inside as well. The focus here is really on quality over quantity, so don’t be afraid to go for a sparser look, with a few carefully selected items that cost a little more.

Color schemes are also kept basic, echoing the desert colors outside. With a splash of neutral colors for a minimalist contrast.

Of course, keeping a home like this clean, especially in a desert location isn’t the easiest of tasks, and it can really negatively impact the look that you are trying to create. So don’t forget to look into the type of genders that make this task easier such as the ones at smartrobotichome.com. After all spend time on ‘dirty work’ if you have such a wonderful home to hang out in?


Most people discount the possible of having a traditional garden to complement this style of home. But this isn’t necessary at all. OK so you may have to adjust your expectations a little bit and instead of lush green lawn, go for succulents, and cacti which are bold structural.

Using plants such as these can really help the garden to be practical in term of watering and work while still looking authentic.

Indoor meet outdoors

Another addition to the Arizona desert style home is a garden room or covered areas. This is a space that is covered at roof level but is open on the sides.

This provides shade without stopping the feeling of being outside. So it’s a safer and more practical way of outdoor living. While it also maintains the integrity of the design of this type of home and links the indoor aspects to the outdoor.



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