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Over the past few years, smart technology has changed the world in many ways, including how we choose to run our homes. 20 years ago, the concept of having a ‘smart home’ would have seemed strange, but today it’s a viable option when it comes to making changes to your home. In fact, most new build homes are now designed as smart homes. When the concept of smart homes first came about, it was seen as being a type of living that was made for celebrities, out of reach of the masses, even for those of us that like to live in luxury. Today, however, that’s no longer the case – smart homes are now much more accessible. A smart home may not come cheap, but it is an affordable concept, or at least, it is a more affordable concept.

Although smart homes are more accessible today than ever before, that doesn’t mean that they aren’t considered a luxury. The fact is that smart homes are seen as being one of the biggest luxuries in the retail market because they make running a home and coordinating family life so much easier. Homes can be customized to ensure that they fit yours’ and your family’s needs perfectly, making family life much more simple.

So we’ve established that smart homes are luxurious, but the question is, what are the best pieces of smart technology, how do they work and what is it about them that adds luxury and value to a property? Let’s find out.

Home Hubs

Home hubs are pieces of tech that bring the whole house together, from the TV to the washing machine, home hubs are incredibly intelligent pieces of tech. You can program a home hub to link up to each piece of smart technology in your home, allowing you to control your entire home, from the heating to the dishwasher, all from one central hub. You can also connect these hubs to your smartphone and can then use that to control your home. So wherever you are, you’re connected to your home.

Zoning systems

You’ve no doubt heard of smart thermostats – thermostats that can connected to smartphones and controlled via them – but what about zoning systems? When it comes to heating or cooling your home, one mistake that a lot of people make is setting one temperature for the entire house via their smart thermostat. The issue with this is that often this means energy is being wasted – energy that you are being billed for. So a new, smarter concept has been developed called zoning. Zoning is where you have a smart thermostat fitted in every room, with each controlled by one main hub – you can learn more about how this works from resources like ZoningSupply.com. The major benefit of zoning is that you can adjust the temperature in each room, ensuring that each part of your home is perfectly cooled or heated.

Smart carpets

Yes, smart carpets really are a thing. Today, more and more homes are being fitted with smart carpets. How smart carpets work is that they are fitted with motion sensors which can be used to turn lights on in the room that you are in, without you having to turn them on manually, as well as being able to control when the underfloor heating comes on, if it’s installed, that is. Although somewhat pricey, for a home that’s completely automated, having smart carpet adds extra luxury to the space, as well as value.

Intelligent lighting


Of course, it wouldn’t be a smart home without intelligent lighting, now would it? Today, all of the world’s smartest homes are equipped with lighting that’s either activated by voice control, touch control, or by the touch of a button on the main control hub. Sure, you can still use a light switch to turn the lights on and off, but if you want to ensure that they’re on before you get in or aren’t sure if you turned the kitchen light off but are already in bed, smart lighting can be incredibly beneficial. A lot of smart lighting systems have a feature that allows them to offer different amounts of lighting, depending on the time of day and mood that you want to create. This is a great feature as sometimes you don’t need the lights fully on, you just need a small amount of light. Smart lighting systems are like the new dimmer switches.

Smart plant pots

You know how difficult it can be to remember to water your plants as and when you’re meant to? Well, now there’s a solution to prevent your greenery from drying out and dying – smart plant pots. These are plant pots that you can fill with water, and then set to release water to the plant every day, every other day, once a week, etc. Although these don’t add value to your home, what they do add is a certain luxury vibe. What could be more luxurious than plant pots that water your plants for you?

Innovative appliances


Last but not least, another piece of smart technology that every luxurious home needs is innovative appliances. From the kettle to the cooker, there’s a smart version of almost every household appliance. As long as you top your kettle up with water before you head out, you can set it to boil via your smartphone ready for when you get home. Want your oven preheated and ready to go when you get home – all you need is your smartphone. Don’t want your washing to smell like mildew; you can use your smartphone to open your washing machine door.


There you have it, a guide to all of the most luxurious smart technology out there. The fantastic thing about smart technology is that not only does it make life easier for you and your family, it also adds value to your home, not to mention a sense of extra luxury. For a home that’s as luxurious as it could be, smart technology is key; there’s not doubt about that.


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