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With summer just around the corner (thankfully), it’s time to drag our homes out of their winter funk, and into the fun, bright, and breezy summeriness. It isn’t just a case of swapping out your winter duvet for a lighter, summer one – there is so much more to it. From light and airy decor, to bright summer fabric, houseplants, and even summer rooms – here’s how to make your home feel more summery, and to make the most of the best season of the year.

Hide the winter woolies

In the temperate climate we have, there’s a need for everything from thermal underwear to summer dresses (and sometimes only a couple of weeks apart). When it comes to our homes, thick woolen blankets are an absolute must in the colder months, but as it warms up they don’t exactly contribute to the bright and breeziness that we associate with the summer. At the end of spring – now is a good time – consider putting your thick blankets and duvets into storage – vacuum bags are perfect for this – and break out the lighter fabrics. Stick to light cottons and linens for a classic summer style, or try bright palm leaf floral patterns to stay bang on trend. Not only does this mean you’ll be more comfortable, but your home will also look the part far more too.

Let the light in

The best thing about summer is all that sunlight, especially after the dinginess of winter. So why not make the most of it? Open those blinds, and encourage all of that sunlight to fill your home. If you find that your windows are too small and do not make the most of the sun, here are a few things you could try: install a mirror directly opposite the window to reflect any light that does get in – it’ll also help the room to feel bigger. You can also install a curtain rail which is far wider than the window, so when you pull the curtains back, they sit over the wall, therefore not blocking the light at all. Light flooding into a home is guaranteed to make it feel more airy and summery, so it’s the perfect time of year to make these changes.

Go all out

If you’re a huge fan of the summer and have a house and garden space, why not buy a conservatory? Adding one to your home gives you a whole new room to use all year round, but they’re especially wonderful for chilling out in the summer evenings with a glass of wine and a good book. The added room space is great for any home, but they can also add significant value, if you’re considering selling at any point soon.

Bring the outside in

There is nothing that makes a home seem more summery than houseplants and flowers. If you don’t trust yourself to take care of them, plastic flowers work just as well at bringing colour and fun into the home, and there’s nothing quite as feel-good as being surrounded by flowers. A few bits of greenery can also do the trick, and houseplants can even help to filter the air of toxins.

There’s nothing quite like having the perfect home for summer when the weather starts to pick up. When it’s bright and airy and full of life and light, a summery home can be a lovely place to spend time.


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