How to Host a Sports Day for Kids at Home

If you are looking for fun activities to enjoy with your children this weekend, why not host your very own sports day? This is something children of all ages are assured to enjoy, especially if there is a reward for the winner. For a fun activity that gets everyone together for precious family moments, read on to discover how to plan a sports day for kids at home.

Make special events – Firstly, make special invitations, inviting your children to the sports day. If you are going to ask them to invite some of their friends, make sure you have an invite for them too.

Host your own opening ceremony – When the Olympics comes about every four years, one thing that everyone looks forward to is the opening ceremony. It is always colourful and a lot of fun. Why not host your very own opening ceremony to start the festivities? You could do this on the morning of the sports day, or the day before, enabling you to make a full weekend of it. So, how do you host your own opening ceremony? Why not look online for some tutorials on making carnival inspired headdresses. Here is a great tutorial on making DIY Brazilian carnival inspired headdresses: You will find plenty of other similar DIY headdresses online. This is a great way to get the children involved. You can then play some music, play some party games, and enjoy a buffet dinner.

Indoor and outdoor games – Once you have enjoyed the fun of the opening ceremony, the sports day must commence, and you will need to plan some fun indoor and outdoor games for everyone to engage in. This is an easy way to make healthy living fun for the entire family. No one will even feel like they are exercising! Classic sports day games include the likes of the egg and spoon race, water bucket relay, and the three-legged race. You can add your own unique challenges to the mix. Get creative and work with what you have got.

Reward the winner – There is no point in having a competition if there is not a reward for the winner. Don’t go overboard with the prize. It’s important that the winner feels special, but you don’t want the activity to become all about the prize at the end. It could all end in tears if your children get jealous over one and other. The best thing to do is buy a winner’s medal. The likes of have medals for runners up too. You can even have a medal presentation at the end, just like the Olympics.

Build your own sports day mascot – What is a sports day without a mascot? You can easily create your own homemade mascot. Why not dress up one of your children’s teddy bears? You could ask your kids to bring a mascot each.

If you follow the five tips mentioned above, you are guaranteed to have an amazing weekend with all of the family. Your children will get excited from the moment they are given their invitation.


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