Inside The Playroom // Music Fun Fridays

Our living room incorporates the play space into one area. We have recently sectioned off the living room into a space to watch films/TV and then a shared dining area and play space. It really is important for us to have some space for play and we are lucky to have a large space so we can do this.

One advantage of the space is that we can use larger toys in one area too. We have created a space where the boys can play but Fizz has a grown up space to sit and read.

One thing we love to do is listen to music and dance. Friday nights used to be out at a gig pre parenthood so we recently thought why cant we all have the same fun at home! When daddy gets home from work on a friday we stick on YouTube and take turns listening to our favourite songs. It is a perfect way to relieve the stresses of the week whilst giving the kids a bit of a musical education.

The boys also love music in the day and so this fab Fisher-Price Dance Mat is perfect to encourage dance and play in their little play area. It’s great for all the kids to interact with as it teaches the ABC’s, colours and shapes. For days where we have table play the Bright BeatBo Junior is great for encouraging Beatlebum to use his co – ordination too! If you have a younger one the BeatBo Buggies would be a good alternative too.

We have bought a big rug for the play area too, it’s lovely and soft and so great for dancing bare foot on. It makes a heap of difference not having a hard floor for them to play on and ensuring their safety while we enjoy their dance moves!

How do you incorporate music into your playroom?


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