Inspirational Women // Louise Parry

Each month we ask another member of the blogging or non blogging community to nominate a person they say inspires them. This month Amber from Goblin Child has nominated fellow blogger Louise who writes as 23 week socks. Here Amber tells us why she has nominated Louise.


I’m nominating Louise Parry (CCed) from 23 Week Socks, because it takes courage to write with honesty about mental illness, particularly its effect on motherhood.  We are told that we should struggle silently, that we should sacrifice ourselves for the sake of our children.  Louise’s articulate blog is a forum for insightful discussion about perinatal and antenatal depression and the effect that it has on oneself, one’s children, relationships and workplace. It’s brave and true; she talks about the things that we’re not ‘supposed’ to talk about, such as the choice to continue with medications during pregnancy that may not be best for a developing baby under ideal circumstances.  And I know that she’s been bashed for it, but she carries on.  I think I’d probably be in a heap if people criticised the way that I managed to stay alive and go about my day, but somehow Louise has found a way to keep going – and I’ve no doubt at all that her blog is a much-needed resource for families in similar circumstances.

You can find her at or on twitter as @23weeksocks.

Have you got a friend, blogger, mum, dad, person on the street that inspires you? Then I want to hear from you! We will feature one nominee a week in Inspiring Women (and men). At the end of each month myself and Sarah from Rock Cakes will pick one of the nominations to win and choose the wording on their own medal!  Just email with 150 words min on who you are nominating and why with an image.


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