Jedi // Now You Are Two

I can’t believe another year has so quickly passed us by my darling boy. It’s hard to believe you were once so small now. 

You were nicknamed Bulldozer Bill this year and it really does suit you but for each Bulldozer moment we see one that is equally gentle and kind.

You love to dance and your twerking has been replaced by hip swaying and chicken arms. It’s a delight to watch you absorb music and be so carefree. You love a good theme tune and your favourite now is Go Jetters. 

You have become such an adorable play mate for both your sister and brother. The hair pulling is often quickly forgiven for laughs and giggles while splashing or chasing each other around.

You are starting to show so much empathy towards your brother. You rush when he is upset bringing a spare dummy and even offering your own now. 

You love your daddy cuddles and it is so gorgeous to see such a lovely bond between you both. It really is super special.

For me you are so cheeky and yet so adorable. You quickly turn on the charm and probably get away with a lot more than you should.

My special boy. Now you are 2. And I can’t wait to see how our journey together changes even more this next year.

Happy birthday my love. 

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