Keep On Running

Coming up to Spring I always try and look at my fitness and how I can can up my game ready for Summer.

So far I have put steps in placed following Supercharged Club working on what I put into my body and mind. I don’t follow religiously but I do now have a good basis to start to add other things in that I used enjoyed and want to start again. Two of these things are Yoga as I feel it helps my mind and also how my body relaxes/refreshes after a a session. The other thing is to keep running.

Now don’t get me wrong I am no professional runner but I love that near me there is open space and getting a little bit sweaty is really satisfying.

I needed trainers that give me the right type of support and went for these Nike Revolution 3 trainers which at under £50 are really reasonable and won’t break the bank. 

I hooked up with Diechmann and Charlie King to grab some trainer advice! Charlie told me “I am a massive fan of running, as it’s a great way to use the aerobic energy system to burn calories and increase your heart rate. Plus, hill running, beach running, running on uneven surfaces are great ways to build agility, co-ordination and strength in the legs.

“My advice would be to set a goal and work to smash it. If you are contemplating taking up running, break it down into goals. Head down to your local park and start with a brisk walk into interval jogs, using benches and lamp posts as points to increase and reduce speed. For those with young children, it’s easy to fit into your daily routine, as you can do it with your child if you jog or run with your pushchair, and it’s free. Before you know it, you’ll be sprinting around that park quicker than Usain Bolt.”

Charlie’s tip for getting the right trainer.

“Buy some comfortable trainers. I recommend the Nike Revolution 3, because they are extremely comfortable, have neutral ankle support for uneven terrain and also offer excellent grip across a range of surfaces. Running outside requires a level of confidence, so you can keep the focus on your goal and destination, while having trust in your footwear.”

So now I have the right kicks, I’m hoping to get back into the fun of running. What is your favourite type of exercise?



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