Kitchen Renovations and How It’s Going

So I have been a bit quiet on here recently as there is a lot of house stuff going on. When we remortgaged in November we took a chink of money out to update our 1970’s kitchen and it’s taken us a while to get everything in place so we are at the point of it actually happening!

We went with a cheap and modern looking B&Q kitchen as we both feel that where we live isn’t our forever home. We want it to look nice but don’t want to overspend on something that could be completely tailored to us.

We hired a lovely local kitchen and bathroom fitter after things started to feel a bit haywire with a previous builder and he started the works to our home this week. The kitchen has been completely gutted now but I wanted to share the before and after photos with you so you can see how bigger change this is for us as a family.

I’ll be updating the blog with some other bits and pieces as we have learnt a lot during this project! I think we all envisaged it to be a lot easier than it has been! Let me know if you have any survival tips too!


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