Let 2016 Be About Legacy not Death

The last few days seem to be a shock to the system. Ending the year with more celebrity deaths and those throughout the year marked many of us. 

For me a death at the beginning of the year left the biggest impact. My grandmother passed away in January and she left such a space for many people, not just family members. She was Grams to all who came across her. It was hard to think of a Christmas without her since my childhood has fond memories of those special times of year. Hers was the place where we all congregated. Her home overflowing with love. Always.

But death does take the person and not the memories. And that’s why for me 2016 is not all about death but legacy. 

My husband is very much a huge muso and Star Wars fan. This year has been particularly devestating for him as you can imagine. Influences from his early life are passing on. 

But sadness will grow easier, I have to admit I’m still shedding a tear for the woman I lost early this year, it’s hard not to when someone becomes so ingrained in your life. It’s hard to imagine how it feels when they’re not here to call with the latest news, the lost Christmas and birthday card. The fact she never got to meet my middle son. So much to share.

But share I will in a different way now. I will share her strength and all I’ve learned, we will continue to share the music, the influence, the charisma of all we’ve lost this year. 

Let’s not blame 2016 for taking so much away from us but learn that these great influences have left us all they could. 

Their legacy should be what we remember as we move in to 2017. Let their life not be shrouded on dark black days, let their light shine on. 

Let 2016 be about legacy and not death. 


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  1. December 29, 2016 / 3:33 pm

    Beautiful post Chelle, sending virtual hugs your way. Legacy is what it’s all about x

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