Letters To Beatlebum // Now You Are 1

It’s been a rollercoaster story in which you surprised us at the very beginning. I can’t believe how a year can go so fast and all the ways you’ve changed in what seems like no time at all.

You’ve bought so many smiles into our family. It’s your favourite thing to do. You are calm and thoughtful. Such a happy little soul.

You have started to toddle and I see you becoming a beautiful little boy. The baby in you is leaving and although I find that sad I am also curious to how our next stage together will be. 

You babble and talk with your siblings. You’ve got such open eyes curiousity about everything around you and remain chilled in even the most curious of adventures. M

You’re becoming less dependent on me but still need me to feed you during the night and cuddle up to me to fall back to sleep. I know that soon you won’t need this at all and you’ll have you’re own bed but I breathe it all in for now knowing that your firsts are also stages of some of the last moments too.

Happy birthday my cheerful boy. You have a smile for all and such a lot of curiosity. Good traits for toddlerhood.

Lots of love

Mummy x

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