Make Every Inch of Your Home More Comfortable

Your home is your sanctuary, and as such, it should be a safe, comfortable space where you can relax after a hard day’s work and enjoy a little me time. Unfortunately, so many people’s homes are not as comfortable as they could or should be. It’s time to change that with these simple suggestions to make every inch of your home more comfortable:


Bean Bags and Floor Pillows


Sometimes, you just want to flop down on the floor and relax, and when you have plenty of floor pillows, beanbags, and cushions in your home, you can do this anytime anywhere. They’re also great for ensuring your guests are comfortable when they come over for movie nights, and you don’t have enough couch space to accommodate them all.


Fleecy Throws


It’s summer right now, so fleecy throws are probably the furthest thing from your mind, but now is the perfect time to purchase a few because they’ll be on sale and then, when the weather does start to cool down, you’ll be ready to snuggle up and keep warm.


A Programmable Thermostat


I’ always surprised by the number of people who still don’t have a programmable thermostat, like the ones at, in their home. It’s such a simple thing to have installed, and it will make your home much more comfortable when you can get the temperature exactly right depending all the time. The same goes for having air-con installed if you live in a warmer climate.



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In my opinion, you really can’t have enough footstools. Sitting on the couch watching Netflix or reclining in your favourite chair to read a good book will be so much more comfortable when you can raise your feet off the floor.




Rugs are a must-have, particularly if you have wooden or laminate floors. Not only do they feel more luxurious under your foot, but they’ll prevent you from experiencing that horrible moment when you wake up in the morning and step onto a freezing cold floor!


Fairy Lights

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Fairy lights, like the ones you get at, aren’t just for Christmas – they give off a beautiful soft light, that is enough to illuminate the space, without hurting the eyes. They also make the home look a lot more magical too.


Triple Glazing


If you don’t have triple glazing, you really should consider having your old windows replaced because, not only will triple glazing make those annoying outdoor sounds of the neighbor’s dog barking and cars speeding by on the highway a thing of the past inside your home, but they’ll keep more heat in too.


Egyptian Cotton Sheets

You spend around a third of your life in bed, so don’t put up with itchy, scratchy sheets or sheets that make you sweat excessively when it’s hot outside – switch to Egyptian cotton sheets. You’ll feel like a king or queen every time you slip into bed.


Blackout Blinds


Blackout blinds are another bedroom essential, which will make it easier for you to get a good night’s sleep and keep your bedroom cool when temperatures soar.


Which creature comforts could you not be without in your home?



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