Make Your Home An Oasis Of Relaxation

A recent survey found that the most stressful thing in most people’s lives in the UK is work. It was cited more often than both debt and financial problems as well as a person’s health. Dealing with stress is different for every person, but you need to find a way to do it because the effects of stress are serious. The common symptoms of stress include such unpleasant things as headaches, chest pain, fatigue, and problems sleeping. The most serious aspects include exhaustion which necessitates that you act. That is not something that you can work through. However, having somewhere where you can relax is crucial. The best place is your home since you spend so much time there. It should be designed to make your life as calm and relaxing as possible. This too depends to a great degree on how you use to relax. However, there are some things that have been shown to work. If you are feeling as if you are about to be burnt out, here are some things you may want to include in your life to help:

Sometimes, it is not a particular place that can help you, it is the activity that makes the difference. While reading is in decline in the UK (a recent study found that 11% of men and 5% of women do not read for pleasure), it happens to be one of the most relaxing things that you can do, at least according to science. The research conducted at the University of Sussex found that reading for as little as six minutes can reduce your stress by up to two-thirds. The only thing you need now is a comfortable place to sit. However, it is all about having a room in your house where you regularly go to relax so that your brain becomes used to it. If you get a few bookcases and a chesterfield sofa, your new study can easily become your favourite part of your house. If you set aside some time each day and create a schedule, you will feel that you have more control over your life. Including some time each day to slow down and read a book you enjoy is great, and the effects will make themselves felt in just over five minutes.
Since summer is here, another area of your house that could be great for relaxing is your garden. You may not be the sort of person who likes to spend all your weekends on your hands and knees in the mud, but that does not mean that you cannot get a deck chair and sit outside and enjoy the long, lazy summer evenings. This is not to say that you cannot enjoy it during the winter too though. If you get a patio heater, your garden could become a home from home. Sometimes, however, the weather will just not permit you to sit outside. That is why you should bring the garden in to you. Research has shown that having flowers around the house is another great way to relax, and it is quite inexpensive as well, especially if you use the ones in your g


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