Making Your Garden Summer Ready

The summer holidays have started, after what feels like a long time coming for many! With every hope for glorious weather this year, all thoughts turn to spending lovely summer days basking in the sun, and summer evenings enjoying a drink on the patio. If it’s been a while since you took a good look at your garden, there may be some things you’ll want to note/take care of to make sure your garden is safe for the kids to play in for a happy summer for all. Think about the points below and make your garden safe for summer.

Clear up animal mess

Whether you have pets or not, it’s a good idea to do a regular scan of your garden to see if any animals have left some little surprises on your lawn. Neighbouring cats might also be using your garden as a toilet instead of their own, but you can find many ways to keep them out.  Keep the lawn clean, and you’ll avoid having to deal with the possibility of it being dragged through the house or ending up on clothing, as well as leaving you feeling reassured when your kids head out to play.

Check for broken glass or pottery

Gardens can stay neglected for most of the colder months, so you may have left some things out there last summer that you’ve forgotten about. These could be beer bottles or glasses, pots that have been knocked over and other items that could be a hazard if they’re not noticed, or picked up by the wrong hands. Try to keep all glassware away from the lawn as it can be difficult to see it once it’s broken into pieces which can cause all sorts of nasty injuries for barefoot toddlers and children!

Deal with wasp nests

Wasp nests can make a summer miserable, but you shouldn’t let one ruin your garden. If a nest is live (usually identifiable by a large number of wasps!), then you should seek wasp nest removal services that can get rid of them quickly, especially at the beginning of the summer when nests tend to be smaller. Never attempt to remove on yourself, as you will risk getting stung which could lead to an allergic reaction.

Put tools and equipment away

Your garden should be a safe space where your children and pets can run around and play in, but curious hands near garden tools could end in tears. Always make sure that everything is put away, including mowing equipment, shovels, rakes and others – even the most harmless-looking tools could cause an injury, and it’s better to be safe than sorry. Take inspiration from some clever storage ideas to give you some ideas on how to store your garden tools.

Now that your garden is safe and ready for the holidays, it’s now time to get yourself ready for the summer too! Take your pick from the best looks of the season so that whether you’re lounging in the garden or on a beach somewhere, you’ll look fabulous and on-trend, and ready for anything!


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