Making Time For Each Child: Our Girls Only London Vacation

As you can imagine with 3 children life can be pretty hectic, add work, a new direction and all the school/nursery runs, playdates or parties – well you can imagine that our life does need a little organisation!

So when Travelodge invited us for a weekend family break we thought it would a be a lovely idea to get out of Brighton and take a much needed family break.

However just before the weekend Fizz asked if she could have some mummy time. Now this rarely happens as with two toddlers it is quite difficult to concentrate on one child at a time. The two boys are energetic and suddenly want to be the most fearless climbers. I sat down with Gav and we changed our plans. It was to be the first time I had spent a big period of time away from our littlest daredevil but actually for Fizz’s mental health we felt that it would be great for her (and me) to have a break together as well as hopefully grabbing some much needed sleep.

We left for London quite early in the day to factor in time  for a trip to Hamley’s. We shopped for dinner outfits and headed to our Travelodge in Southwark. Check in was easy, we had a family room on the 7th (highest floor) which was surprisingly large and roomy. We had a double bed and two fold up single beds. Fizz decided, of course, that she would share with me!
We spent an hour recharging our batteries, playing with new toys and getting ready for dinner. The bath wasn’t big enough to lay down in (and I am short at 5ft3) but perfect size for the littler ones to play if we had had them with us.

We ventured to the South Bank for dinner, via a few shops, and Fizz chose to have Pizza Express (fab because I’m on o2 and so get a main meal for a fiver!).

We walked along the riverbank and then headed back to the hotel to watch Mrs Doubtfire and read our magazines in bed. We finally switched off around 10pm. The hotel was quiet and barely any noise at all! Not surprisingly though I could not sleep, my body obviously has it built in to wake up every couple of hours after 17 months of minimal sleep!

We woke up not long after 7am and headed down for breakfast. It was ok, not quite the quality I usually love (I am spoilt in Brighton!). Back to the room and we packed up and got ready to check out at 11am.

Next up was our Harry Potter tour at 2pm so between check out and 2 we explored along Tate Modern, The Thames, grabbed some food and headed to Westminster Tube station for our tour.

The tour was ok, bulked out by regular landmarks, some flash pages of the movie and a tour of where certain parts were filmed. The tour guide was lovely.

Unfortunately we left the tour over half way through as I fell and sprained my ankle. I will say that Fizz says she enjoyed it but she definitely wondered off at points. I think if she had been a bit older it would’ve been more entertaining for her. For £12 per adult and £10 per child it is quite reasonable for 2 hours.

I think Gav might have enjoyed the Dr Who one though! We were glad we didn’t have the two youngest with us as originally intended though as with a buggy/tube trips/steps this wouldn’t have been as easy!

Overall though we had a fab trip and thoroughly enjoyed some one to one time with each other!

Even if we did have to go to the NHS walk in centre on the way home!



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