Making Your Brand More Visible Online

A couple of weeks ago I was invited to attend a session at The Healthly Business Hub. The Healthy Business hub offers regular talks from experts in various fields and as I was about to launch my new business/blog an invite to a talk on how to make your brand visible online popped up on the most recent events listing.

So why go to the hub?

The HBH is aimed at those who have holistic and wellbeing style businesses with an aim of supporting them with relevant information to market their business well online. We all know that social media and marketing can feel a bit daunting (even for this of us who have worked in social for years) and what appealed to me is that I can refresh my learning and meet likeminded people in a small group setting.

Each Hub has a speaker and this month was branding photographer Becky Rui. Little did I know I had already seen her work online – she has an unmistakable natural and relaxed style that makes her clients look like QUEENS! Go and check her out.

Becky shared a heap of information and it was great to have a refresher on how the internet shapes our business connections as how visual is so important to how we interact online. I loved how she spoke of photography as selling yourself can feel difficult at times. Her confident stance ‘filter out prospects you down vibe with’ really resonated with me as 9 years into freelancing I still second guess myself!

Here is a piece of advice on how to make your brand visible from Becky!

How does the image you’re using affect the way you interact online?

“When you have an image of yourself on your website/social media that you love and that represents you authentically, it gives you so much more confidence to show up online and talk about what you do. Your photos don’t just affect the way that you’re seen by your clients, prospects and followers, but it affects the way you feel about your own brand and visibility. When you love the photos you’re using, it gives you so much more confidence to be interact, share, promote your great work.”

She discussed how making your brand visible online with authentic and consistent storytelling is important but mostly how you need to share with intention and be relatable. It doesn’t always have to be so shiny and posed but authentic is the key! I definitely felt a burst of enthusiam about sharing my individuality online after the talk.

What else does the hub have to offer?

As well as the talk (and prosecco) two pop up rooms were available for 2 businesses to share their story and products. This month one of the pop ups was Vi from Follow The Beetle. She specialises in how essential oils can benefit you and your life. She cooled a lot of us down with her peppermint oil and a mini neck massage for a few people too! You can check her out online here:

If you are starting out in business and have a holistic/wellbeing centre then The Healthy Business Hub is a great way of expanding your skills, boosting your brand as well as meeting likeminded people. Tickets are from £10 and to make sure that you are in with a chance of getting some (they sell out fast!) then do follow their page over on Facebook!

Photos by Sarah at Modern bric a brac as I was too busy listening!


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  1. August 14, 2018 / 1:55 pm

    Yay! We love the write up and loved the summer meet up too! Thanks for coming along Chelle it was great to see you there. Come back soon, Sophie xx

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