Parenting Hacks for Autumn and Winter

Parenting isn’t exactly easy throughout the rest of the year, but as soon as Autumn and Winter hits, your job as a parent becomes much harder. Suddenly, your kids are coming home from school sneezing and covered in mucus, you have to do everything in the rain and snow and the months are full of holidays that require you to cook dinners and give gifts. So, as a parent, how do you survive all of this without wanting to pull your hair out? Here are some hacks to keep you sane.

Sleeping Bags

If you’ve got a child that tends to kick off the blankets while they’re sleeping, you may find that they’re waking up in the middle of night freezing cold. Firstly, they (and you) aren’t likely to get undisturbed rest throughout the colder months and they’re more likely to catch a cold. To solve this problem, put your little one in a sleeping bag. They’re unlikely to kick it off during the night and they’ll wake up warm and toasty.

Call the Plumber

Isn’t it ironic that the boiler malfunctions on the days you need it most? Having a hot bath at the at end of the day will wash all the rain, snow and cold off your youngsters and the steam will protect them from those inconvenient and unsightly running noses. It’s also a great treat for you (paired with a glass of wine, of course). So, to avoid any plumbing and heating disasters, get your boiler checked in the Autumn. Visit this page for some advice. By dealing with the problem before it arises, you won’t get any nasty surprises.

Makeshift Leg-Warmers

If your children are still cold because the cold air creeps into their school uniforms, protect them by creating some of your own leg-warmers. Take some old adult knee-length socks and cut off the ends. Voila! You have some homemade leg-warmers for your kids. You can also use these as arm warmers that your kids can use as nose wipers when they haven’t got tissues around. Then all you need to do is wash them for them to be re-usable.

Tea and Honey

Kids tend to go through medicines throughout the year, and even the best of parents can forget to re-stock. So, if your child comes home with a cold and you haven’t got any medication in the cupboard, honey in a cup of tea or a cup of hot water with honey and lemon can do wonders. Studies have shown that honey is just as effective as over the counter medication when it comes to sore throats.

Biking in the Snow

Got an active child that loves to be outdoors, even in the snow? Snow fall doesn’t mean you have to pack your children’s bikes away. If you’re worried about the tyres sliding in the slippery weather, use some zip ties. Place a few zip ties around your child’s bike tyres and you’ve got some homemade traction that will keep riders safer in bad weather.

Chapped Lips

None of us can avoid chapped lips during the colder months, so this one is for kids and adults. Keep a tub of coconut oil in the cupboard for emergencies. When anyone in the house is suffering from chapped lips, use the coconut oil as lip chap. It’s not just highly effective; it’s tasty too!

Wet Socks

One thing that seems unavoidable in wet weather is wet socks, even if your child is wearing wellies. Wet socks and feet can lead to illness, especially if it’s a cold day and your child’s feet stay wet all day. So, to avoid this happening, ask your child to place a plastic cover over their socks before putting shoes on. They can take the plastic off when they reach dry land.

Unfreeze Your Pavements

The last thing you want to be dealing with is a frozen driveway when you’re in a rush to get to school. Suddenly, the journey from the front door to the car becomes something made from legends. To avoid this struggle, mix dish soap with rubbing alcohol and add to warm water. Cover your driveway with the mixture the night before ice is meant to arrive and you should wake up to an ice-free driveway.

Ear Infections

No parent likes to see their child suffering but earaches are coming in Autumn and Winter and can cause pain. If your child is in pain, turn him on his side and apply two drops of coconut oil to the ear. Wait a few minutes and do the same to the other side.


It’s always best to consult your doctor before making any home remedies for cold symptoms.


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