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  • Amy says:

    I always give warnings – “half an hour until bed time”…then “after this it’s bed time” followed by “this will be finished in 5 minutes and then it’s bedtime like a good boy for mummy” and finally “Right OK time for bedtime and two stories for being such a good boy” – I also set the alarm on my iphone and tell him that when mummy’s phone starts to ring it’s time for bed. I always give him plenty of warning, I tell him that he’s being such a good boy and he’s ever so pleased with himself. That said, we still have tantrums every now and then and I’m expecting more when he settles into being a sibling. I always “reward” good behaviour at bedtime with stories and tantrums are talked about like what you did with no stories (if it gets that far – we always warn first that if behaviour continues there will be no bedtime stories) x

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