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Is A Newborn Easier Than A Toddler

Having a 19-month-old toddler and a 12-week-old has been testing at times. Each of the children are going through their own mental and physical milestones and during this period they seem to have the tag team on mummy down. If one isn’t crying, the other is. Cue the possibility of the occasional breakdown.

When I found out we were having two under two I was under no preconception of how life would be. Fast forward to 13 weeks as a parent of 3 and I have to admit some days are easier than others.

The toddler is at the ‘oh so adventurous stage’ which in turn means he is also fearless when trying new things or indeed getting to something he really wants. The baby on the other hand is easy…

Current things our toddler is doing (that makes life harder):

We have the all night raver
He’s a teething monkey and cutting 4 molar teeth at the same time
He is a toddler adventurer who wants to run and climb, so inevitably slips and bumps himself constantly Screaming at us is frequent, because he knows what he wants but doesn’t know the words for it
He wiggles or runs away mid-nappy change. Waaah.
Where we’re at with the baby (which makes life easier):
Easy to read – screams mean either = food/sleep/nappy/wind
Cooing at us and starting to take in the world
Easy to transport in a sling without 10,000 types of snack or toys
He does not eat crayons, so doesn’t cause me to have a heart attack around concerns with multi coloured poo You can always find him where you left him