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The Postnatal Come Down

I’m finally out of the newborn haze and the glorious highs that go with it.


The first few weeks as a mum of three appeared to be pretty relaxed. I did have my husband at home for four weeks which really helped – especially as within 9 days of life as parents to three we had two hospital admissions, one with my toddler son, one with my newborn.

We are now nine weeks into parenting three children, and sometimes the days are easy and there’s fun somewhere, but it’s also bloody tough.

Support post birth is at a high, but as friend and family visits dwindle you are left at home with three kids. Not that I’m not grateful, but some days are so hard and long that it is difficult to say tomorrow is a new day.

So I guess the postnatal come down has hit. It will pass, I know as I’ve been here before, but here are a few things that have contributed:

–Backtotheschoolrun.Problemiswiththreekidsanda doublebuggygettingoutofthehousetakesacertain level of organisation that I just don’t have yet. I also don’t want my daughter to think I’ve forgotten about her once I’ve dropped her off. And it’s hard as I have to be at school at a set time or be in trouble for missing the bell.

– Bedtimes. You can’t mutter thank god it’s bedtime, as the toddler is teething and the baby has reflux. Bedtime is never guaranteed. I’ve even fallen asleep putting the littlest ones to bed and then had my oldest child wake me up to do her bedtime!

– Our house always smells of nappies. Once it was just the cat, but throw in a teething toddler and a newborn who holds it all in for days at a time, and it has given the house the smell of a swamp. I can’t wait to be over the nappy years.

– Visitors are few and far between. It’s no one’s fault, as everyone has their own life to lead now, but it’s hard having only the internet as your daily human connection.

– The only way I get a conversation is via text, as talking over screaming is just, well you just can’t can you. Now if me and Gav watch a film together we resort to subtitles so we don’t wake up the kids.