Planning Scooting Adventures This Summer

 Last summer we made what felt like a brave decision. We let Fizz start to play out with the local children. At 7 years of age this felt like a big step, more for us as parents. It’s an age where we need to help grown her independent nature whilst also nuturing her if things go wrong.
We have been very lucky though. She’s made friends and give or take a few moments it has all gone swimmingly so far. Thats not to say we don’t worry but we are in a lucky position that our neighbours and other children watch out for her and we do the same for them.
As we live near trees and and a car park there’s climbing and scooting too.  I’ve just got my own scooter so I can join in with Fizz this summer too.
I know that there are always knocks and scrapes. Fizz has started to try and do tricks on her scooter and so knees have been knocked. A quick cuddle and a favourite character plaster and we are good to go again. She’ll even have a little plaster and wipe kit in her scooter bag as we teach her to look after her own self care too. It’s important, we feel, that we teach her how to look after herself whether a knock or other elements of self care.
This summer we will be teaching Jedi, aged 2, how to scoot too. It will encourage his independence too and hopefully help him with his speech. Of course we all know that toddlers fall a lot! They can be very accident prone , especially if they have no fear!. So we will be going the tried and tested route we took with his sister and allow him space to learn, lavish him with encouragement when things go right, cuddles if they go a little wrong. Of course a little pack of plasters and wipes will always be in my backpack. It’s common sense to have a box of both on everyday adventures. You never know when you’ll need them!
 This post is an entry for the BritMums #TearsintoSmiles Challenge, sponsored by Elastoplast.

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