Positive Role Modelling With The FA WSL Spring Series

As part of our ambassador role with the FA Fizz and Gav attended the Brighton & Hove Albion v Sheffield FC game at the Amex Stadium. This match was part of the FA WSL Spring Series.

Quick fact!

‘Brighton & Hove Albion Women’s Football Club were founder members of the Football Association (FA)’

The FA Women’s Super League (WSL) launched in 2011 as the top tier of women’s football in England, played on a semi-professional level. It is made up of 2 leagues – WSL1 and WSL2. The two leagues have traditionally ran through the summer months, however following a special Spring Series set of matches this year, WSL1 & WSL2 are now preparing to move to a winter season for 2017/18 commencing in September, running parallel to the men’s game. Six years after the formation of the two leagues many of the teams are now fully professional!

The Football Association is working with our family and a few others along with Britmums to show that the game is For All, by sharing our support for local, national and international women’s football and getting girls involved with local clubs. It is all about empowering and encourage our young girls into the sport and showing them it really is a career option open to them.

Fizz is desperate to join her school’s football training but can’t until September so it’s a great lead up for her to attend these matches and events. I want her to feel confident on the pitch as in primary school it will be a mixed team.

It was really important to get the whole family involved in this project so this time Gav took Fizz to watch the game. I have to be honest and say he knows a lot more about football than I do so I thought it would be a fab bonding experience for them to have as well. It meant Fizz could ask questions and start to build a foundation ready for her joining the school team.

After seeing the SSE Women’s FA Cup Final Fizz was so excited at seeing our local club play. They are currently 9th in the league. In fact it was the first time that Brighton and Hove women team have played at the Amex! The capacity was 1279 on the day which is a good local level reach but I am sure we all know it can get better! Gav said that it was a lovely atmosphere and Brighton and Hove won 3-1 so an amazing home victory for Fizz to take in!

The majority of the audience was male on a 2/3 ratio and I would love to see this more accessible by getting primary school aged children into the matches. It’s £1o for an adult ticket and £5 for a child’s ticket (click for fixtures here)but I think thats so much lower than the cost of the male led matches. It really does need more support and so I am going to try and take Fizz to a match once a month.

To find a FA WSL Spring Series game near you, or for details on the new season which starts in September, visit  www.fawsl.com.

Can you commit to supporting your local women football team? Do you have a daughter that loves the game? Let me know about your experiences on and off the pitch!



  1. May 26, 2017 / 12:07 pm

    Sounds fab and I am so pleased they won! Yeah! Fizz will have to spend summer practising her skills in the garden and I bet she’ll be a pro by September when she can join the school team.

    Our local match is only £5 per adult and £2 for children or £10 for a family of 4 with free skill sessions and football crafts too. I can’t believe how cheap it is!

  2. May 26, 2017 / 2:03 pm

    I love this campaign to empower and encourage young girls into football. I have never watched women’s football but I would be open to it. Good luck Fizz for her aspirations to join the team in September!

  3. May 27, 2017 / 1:58 pm

    Such a fab event and lovely to meet you!

  4. May 30, 2017 / 6:27 pm

    That’s really interesting seeing the ratio of men to women – I hadn’t noticed! Maybe it’s dads taking their daughters (although the chances of me getting Shaun to take H would be nil because I’m the football nut in our family!!).

    Glad Brighton won too! I’m sad the spring series is coming to an end but glad we’ve got the Euros this summer to keep us going – I was chatting with my mates at the weekend and we all reckon England are on for a good tournament after we did so well at the World Cup coming third!

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