Post Natal Choices

We all know things change as we become a mum. From our body image to contraception and even  post natal hair loss I know how your confidence can suffer and it feels like you’ll not find your true self again. There  are a few choices you can make to help feel like you again!
I found that my hormones were all over the place when I was breastfeeding the children but I didn’t rush into having any hormone replacement, this includes the pill as a help as well as a contraceptive. Don’t forget that your body will still be full of pregnancy hormones so the contraceptive method you did use before might not be the right one for now. Talking with someone over the options can be so helpful.
Places like LloydsPharmacy Online Doctor  are perfect of you can’t find the right solution to help as they discuss with you all the options from the hormones that can cause issues to maybe looking at the combined pill as an option for balancing hormones as well as helping with contraception needs.
Hair Loss
When  the luscious locks of pregnancy start to clog up the bathroom sink. You can feel like it’s the end of the world. We all know the feeling of those wispy post natal baby locks.  I have found different ways of dealing with this each time and found it difficult to speak to anyone about it.
I thought I would share my thoughts on hair care when this type of  hair loss happens.
After my first pregnancy I suffered with drastic hair loss. It took time for my hair to get back to normal but at 9 months post natal it was still falling out. Eventually I booked in for a haircut. Now this may seem normal to most mums but it’s a huge costs during maternity leave. Gradually I have gone from longer length hair to a short cropped style. Your hair needs a reboot and I have finally found a style that works but also makes my hair look fuller than ever. A good hairstylist will always treat your hair with respect and share some great ideas with you. I never expected to go so short but for me it worked to give my hair and a confidence a boost.
Secondly your normal hair products just may not be suited for your hair after having kids. Just like your skin your hair can change so it is worth investing and trying some new products. I find a sea salt spray or a texture spray is great for giving my hair a boost in the mornings.
Dress it up a bit! Your hair may be flyaway, thinning or looking a bit lack lustre now but think about how you can accessorise. A bandana or headscarf  always makes my hair look way better if I haven’t got time to wash it before the school run. Add a bit of Pizzazz with a wrap and you are good to go!
Self Care
Basic self care is looking after you and your body so as well as helping how your body feels, and how your hair could affect your view of yourself it’s crucial to look after you. Self care isn’t always a massage a spa days it’s about looking after your basic needs as a person. I decided this month to think about my non negotiables and set them
out as an element of self care. For me these are a bit of alone time at the start of the day to enjoy a hot coffee and to spend some time journallijng. This could be anything from a gratitude list or a list of what I need to do that day. I combined multiple journals into having one notebook for everything that is a mind blast out. Everything and anything goes in  it, it is messy and carefree. The ease of not pressuring myself into a neat journal but for it to be a place of thought and helping through the motherhood haze as well as mapping out ideas. It’s an element of self care I can’t live without.
What things changed for you after having children, did you find your body changed and needed different things? I’d love to know!

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