Preparing Your Family For A Smashing Summer To Remember


Summer has arrived and with it our ability to enjoy our holidays and time with our family. What could be better than this? It’s often what we dream about during those down periods at work, so now is the chance to grab the time you have with both hands and craft a vacation to remember.

Chances are, if you have a young family, you’re inclined to book a holiday that has great potential for relaxing and unwinding. A nice summer beach or a poolside resort escape with sun beds and relaxing music might seem like heaven after experiencing nothing but rain clouds back home.

In all the excitement it can be difficult to pack everything that you need. You’re bound to overlook something, especially if you have a few children to prepare for. Even the best parent in the world is sure to miss something. Just make sure you don’t make the same mistake as the Mccallister family from the Home Alone films and leave a child behind. Also, check this handy summer preparation guide to help you remember the essentials.


Despite the package deal you may or may not have been covered for, it’s wise to bring toiletries for your family usage. You never know when you’ll run out of the provided materials, and necessary essentials like child’s toothpaste or special washing lotions certainly won’t be provided.  You’ll also need to provide all your own shaving gear. Be sure to bring some sunscreen that heals nasty sunburn, because no matter how well you cover yourself, there’s always a chance the sun will bite you without you realizing.


Be sure to bring a few snacks during the journey, and enough basic food for an emergency meal if you have to wait around to enter your accommodation, and don’t want to spend that time in a food outlet.

Summer Clothes

You’ll need to update your wardrobe. For intense summer weather, light colors and breathable cotton are an absolute must. Also be sure to pack a light raincoat or similar weather protection gear if you’re hit by an unfortunate weather pattern. It will take space up in your luggage, but it’s absolutely worth it. You’ll all need sunglasses, so go to the store as a family and pick some cool ones out!


If you’re fortunate enough to experience great weather (as intended) during your entire trip, then it’s worth looking good in your swimwear by the pool. For your children, the swimwear should be about practicality and comfort, but if you’d like to seem like a stylish family, a little fashionable flair can do you proud. Equip your kids with burberry swim shorts and you’re family is sure to look stunning when sunbathing or catching those surf waves.

Sun Cream

Your kids will need sun cream, and a stronger variety than an adult would need. It’s important to make sure they’re well protected, especially if they have previous skin conditions or have fair skin. Use your discretion as a parent here. Using a too high strength sunscreen is less harmful than using too weak of one, so be sure to be smart.

One you arrive, it’s now your time to chill. Stay relaxed yet watchful over your kids, and you’re sure to have a phenomenal time.



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