A Review of the Korbell Nappy Bin from Cheeky Rascals

You can imagine that having two boys in nappies can create quite a smell and a whole lot of waste (pun intended) so when Cheeky Rascals sent me the Korbell Nappy Bin I was keen to see how it would fit into my revolving door life of frequent nappy changes.

The bin itself is tall and thin rather than trying to take up a huge amount of space. It fits nicely into our small toilet.

It has a foot step which lifts the lid and then a lockable panel which helps keep smells in. It took three days of nappies to fill the bin up.

The scented bin bags are all in one piece which once full you clip,  cut then knot to use again. For us it took 2 boys 3 days to fill the bill and it did smell slightly at this point. However it is much more preferable then using the kitchen bin we have as it helps separate and contain the smell a lot more.

The nappy bin comes in 4 colours, 3 sizes and  costs £19.99. One liner pack is included and these cost £11.99. Were a few weeks into using and we haven’t had to replace the liners yet.

It’s a great idea to get a nappy bin especially if you have 2 in nappies! 


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  1. June 16, 2017 / 5:27 pm

    I’ve had a Korbell nappy disposal system before and was certainly impressed with what I got for the price!

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