Review // Saltdean Tavern

Sometimes it’s nice to venture along the coast from us and visit somewhere a bit more relaxing. We are lucky that transport is quite easy in Brighton and to get to a few places a bit more chilled then the busy seafront we have Rottingdean and then a short walk to Saltdean. We were invited to Saltdean Tavern which has recently reopened as a Storehouse Restaurant.

We’ve been to Saltdean Tavern a few times now, it’s a stones throw away from the beach as well as the recently re-opened Saltdean Lido. It is within a tight family budget and with options for the whole family. Gav particularly loves pizza whilst I love a sunday roast so it was ideal for us to visit on a Sunday and everyone feel happy with the wide range of choice.

We opted to share a starter as after the seafront walk we were all a bit hungry! It came and all of us were happy with the selection. Really tasty and not an argument because there was a variety!

Gav had the pizza and he was super impressed.

The carvery was as you would expect and I was able to share the veg with my toddler (who had his own meal, but you know they love your plate more than theirs….).

The kids meals were great value and the kids cleared them. I love when chicken is actual chicken and Fizz’s chicken option was chicken breast which was great.

We were sat in a booth and our waitress was very attentive, she was to every table and was the right level of customer service while leaving us to our own space.

After the meal we ran off some of lunch in the lovely little park they have set up to the side of the pub. With full tummies we came back home via bus and slept off lunch. That’s just what sundays should be made of!




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