A Review of SmartMax Kids Discovery Toys

With three children to entertain you can imagine that it’s not easy to get all three enjoying the same activity at the same time. SmartMax sent us some of their fabulous range for the kids to test out and it’s aimed at varying ages so we really did put it to the test with our 11 month old, 2 year old and 6 year old.

SmartMax is an award-winning magnetic construction system which allows children of all ages the chance to be creative, to learn and to explore the fascinating world of magnetism and most importantly, to have fun.

The children have played with their sets everyday. We got sent two sets. The first aimed at 1+ and the second aimed at 3+ however all three children have enjoyed playing with them at the same time as well as independently.

The most usual thing to make is towers. Fizz has had science week at school and has since been playing with the magnetic tubes quite a lot.

Beatlebum is 1 next week and he loves connecting the tubes and the balls. Jedi has loved playing rock star and singing into his magnetic microphone!

If you’re stuck in what to get a family or small children for Christmas this must be high on the list. It’s kept all of mine entertained and it’s so lovely to see them discovering new ways to play each day.


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