Review // Trespass Mens Duffle Coat

With the usual February weather threatening to bite, it was clearly a good time to address the fact that I didn’t have a long length nice warm coat. And by that I mean I’d been getting by all this time in the same tatty jacket I wore all through summer, stuffed full with jumpers and scarves wrapped hastily as I’d walk along shivering.

  Clearly this wouldn’t do. Unfortunately, I’ve always had a problem finding a coat that will not only do the job I need it to, but which I feel looks good AND suits me. No mean feat, believe me. Of the many styles out there, I’ve long fancied the idea of a nice Duffle Coat – but tracking one down that looked right at a price I could afford, well that hadn’t been easy.

  Then across my path came this beauty from Trespass

Okay, so – the science stuff. It is designed with ‘coldheat fabric technology’ and also has a layer of quilted padding in the lining – that is to say it keeps you warm. It REALLY keeps you warm, in fact – I’ve worn mine out on cold days with little but a t-shirt and scarf underneath and I’ve been cosy to say the least. It’s roomy and very, very comfy – and for practicality it has two big deep pockets to keep your essentials in.

But does it look  


Yes. It looks great. Riding that line where smart and casual meet, the coat looks stylish whilst having the unmistakeable look of a traditional duffle coat. It’s also clever enough to take many of the elements that make it a practical warm winter coat and use them to give it additional style. It is fastened first with a zip, which is then covered by fantastic looking toggle loops, while the storm flap and adjustable wrist cuffs keep you snug and warm but tidy, too. Finishing this off is the grown on hood – lined with a cool blue and grey check pattern.

This is every bit made in a classic style, but is still a very modern looking coat. This is the elusive coat I was after – it’ll look after you whilst looking fantastic.

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