Review // Tropic Skincare Tamanu

A friend of mine, Stacey, recently set up a new business and asked if she could send me some Tamanu healing balm to use. 

  The balm is hard in the pot and it just takes a finger tip to get enough to cover my hands. It does feel a little greasy but post rub it makes the skin feel really soft and my skin does feel better for using this over the last few weeks too. 


 I’ve used it on the baby too as all the product ingredients are natural with no nasty additions and found it to be clearly labelled. We’ve been using the product for a few weeks now as I know it’s about the longevity and continued use. 

  It’s fab on sunburn easing it and aiding a quicker recovery time (how is it I always manage to miss a bit? The kids never get it which just goes to show how thorough I must be with them.)

I found the smell a bit intense for the balm but as the product is natural I don’t think there would be any way of taming this down.

All in all its a lovely little balm. The pot is generous which is fab and the price feels reasonable given other products of this type on the market. I would say if you’re looking for a one pot remedy that would suit the family then this balm covers all bases! 

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