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Lockdown Closure: Bexhill and Sophie EB 

For our family, like many I suspect, Lockdown bought in new family traditions and activities. Whether it be adventuring around your local area for walks or board game day being introduced Lockdown was definitely a time for our family to snuggle in and reconnect. It was also a time of huge uncertainty so when the new routines start to settle in I started to feel a bit more connected.

One of the things our family connects over is music. Sundays mornings are spent (by Gav) scouring car boots for old vinyl with the rest of the day introducing the kids to what he has found.

During lockdown Friday nights were taken over by Sophie Ellis Bexter’s Kitchen Disco. This wasn’t just a disco to us – it was a line drawn under a week of balancing the children in key worker provision, home learning/co-working days with early starts and late finishes, full time working for us both and a chance to switch off from what was happening in the outside world. It gave us a distinction between work and play. 

It also gave us connection to see another family, not that much different from our own, who were also trying to switch off, have fun and have that personal interaction we all craved. We would follow on the disco by sharing a playlist on the school parent what’s app group – our love of music reaching out to connect with those we would normally see everyday on the school playground. 

This week we saw Sophie’s Kitchen Disco live and for us it felt like a closure of sorts. This space of vulnerability over 2 years that we’ve all had ending in a celebration. With as much enthusiasm and glitz as the online discos she held, the stage performance did not disappoint as the hits rolled out. The audience, at first not knowing what to do with themselves (it was a seated gig and everyone was being very politely British), soon cracked open into a wave of enjoyment and dancing. It felt very emotionally charged, the significance of seeing live music not lost on anyone in the room. It was lovely to see some younger kids at the gigs too, this was their connection to us and the world of music too.

I really do hope that at some point Sophie puts on some weekend matinee performances so that families like ours can go (we have younger ones so staying up late isn’t an option). 

The essence of the gig really felt like connection and closure were the theme of the gig and I left feeling content and privileged to be a part of it. 

We watched SEB in Bexhill, paid for the tickets ourselves. All thoughts are my own.