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Review // 360 Botanicals

I love finding new, local products and recently a friend of mine contacted me to tell me all about 360 Botanicals. I bumped into Pip who runs the brand at RestFest recently and had a lovely chat with her about her products and you could see how much they mean to her.

Pip sent me her Super SerumSpa Aroma Spray, and I purchased one her her lovely Citrine candles recently. 

The super serum is a face oil. I have been using this daily and it has given a lovely brightness to my skin, The scent isn’t overpowering and the oil is light to use. I can tell the difference when I haven’t used it.

The Spa Aroma Spray is my go to for my daily meditation. I spray my room just before for a calming and tranquil smell. The scent is gorgeous in this spray and I often spray it on pillows and bedding to give them a lift,.

The Citrine candle has been part of my full moon journalling ritual. I love to have a special candle to journal with to create a calm and peaceful atmosphere for setting intentions or surrendering ideas. I love the delicate smell of this candle and it is lasting really well. 

Pip’s products are really high quality and all of them have a place in my self care routines. I love that the products are cruelty free and also local to me. A hamper of these products as a special gift would make me a very happy person!

You can check Pip out on Instagram here.