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Book Review // A Little Pick Me Up

Earlier this year my lovely friend Katie sent me a copy of her first book A Little Pick Me Uo: Shining A Light On Your Darkest Emotions. 

Katie’s book focusses on sharing tools with women to boost their self confidence. She does this by sharing her own stories, thoughts and challenges which open the discussion into your own beliefs.

Each section of the book is relatable to the modern day mum/woman and I found it really useful in my own journey of self love. There are tools and tips that are really useful for moving forward. It really is engaging but also reminding you to be kind to yourself.

Katie’s book comes to end for me when I am thinking of a gift for friends. I’ve passed this book on now but after it recently being on Kindle I purchased it so I have it there to go back on. I have since purchased this for a gift and was thanked afterwards for it being just what they needed!

You can buy Katie’s book A Little Pick Me Up on Amazon or if you are a prime member you can read for free.