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Review // The Posture Kit

One of my things to do for 2020 was to concentrate on feeling good about myself – inside and out. I’ve been working a lot on inner work with the help of Mel Wells’ Academy but there are physical things that I also need to work on.

After years of baby-wearing, pushing a buggy and lugging Micro Scooters around for the kids it is safe to say that my back has taken a bashing. Mike, a Brighton based Chiropractor and his partner, contacted me about a new kit they had put together. The Perfect Posture Kit is perfect for busy mums like me and others who suffer back pain from poor posture.

The Perfect Posture kit comprises of:

Posture Corrector

Resistance Band

Peanut Ball

All of this comes in a handy bag and is so lightweight it can fit into your day to day work bag or gym bag. The kit is £29.99

During December I used the peanut ball and resistance band on a daily basis and the posture corrector around 4 times a week. I found that my back aches eased and as the kit doesn’t require a huge amount of time it was easy to ensure that I used it daily.

I have slipped during January (new work patterns, new school routine and now the chicken pox!) but I have now popped doing the posture kit into my habit tracker to make sure I do it again daily. Knowing it made a difference before means I’m keen to make it a regular part of my daily habits.

I love that it’s not just a product you buy and then are left with no support. The videos on the website will help you in your journey to better back health.

I’ll update you again in a month with before, during and after photos!