Self Edit: What Inspires You?

Artists and famous activists would agree to say that inspiration is everywhere. But inspiration is not reserved for the people you see in the magazines. Inspiration is a force that pushes you to act, to create, to make a change. More often than not inspiration makes you a better person, whether you become more creative, or whether you choose to make a social difference in the world. But in the end, while it is available to everyone, the best way to nurture it is to find out what inspires you. So you can have more of it!

Inspired To Do What?

First of all, it’s natural to ask about the impact of inspiration. In short, what are you inspired to do? Inspiration is wrongly associated with the word of artists. In reality, inspiration is about having an idea and following it. So it doesn’t have to take you to your own painting exhibition to call yourself inspired. But there are commonly three types of inspiration. You can be inspired to improve your ways and become a better person as seen on Whether it’s going on a fitness journey or learning a new language, inspiration is behind it. You can also be inspired to create something. In this case, it’s about the process of making something. A cake, a dress, a poem… all these are the result of creative inspiration. Finally, you can be inspired to think bigger ideas and look at the bigger picture, such as trying to protect the ecosystem or to help the homeless population. The social inspiration is not for your benefit.

Visual Inspirations

We all respond to different stimuli. So it’s good to find out where your inspiration comes from so that you can surround yourself with the right kind of stimuli. If you’re the kind of person who responds best to visual stimuli, you should look for creative ways to bring colours and shapes into your world. It’s down to your personality and tastes, whether you prefer a landscape canvas or whether you like to create a playful interior décor with vintage pop trends. A good idea is to mix trends and colourful palettes so that you can surf on a creative wave every single time.

Inspiring People

Sometimes there’s nothing stronger than discovering people who have set an example. Louise Parry is an inspirational blogger in her own right because she discusses the effect of mental illness on motherhood. It’s brave and powerful. But at the same time, you might be inspired by your neighbour who’ve lost a lot of weight in a short period, or by the story of a historical figure who fought for freedom. If someone can be this strong, so could you.

Stumbling Across Someone Else’s Creation

What inspires a lot of people is to dive into a world of creative ideas and concepts. This is often the case when you discover artistic creations. Via the art, you feel connected to a new world of ideas. It’s like taking a ride into someone else’s mind: you discover new ways of thinking and new ways of perceiving the world. It’s only natural to embrace some of these new ideas and develop them into your own thing. Let’s say you’ve watched Frozen and it inspired you to bake Frozen-themed cupcakes It’s as simple as this.


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