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Tips for a Fantastic Fifth Wedding Anniversary

Five years of wedded bliss is something that’s worth celebrating. However, not many people know much about the fifth wedding anniversary, or how to honour it in style. While a fifth anniversary might not be as big as the tenth or the fiftieth, it’s still an important milestone for you and your partner, and it comes with it’s share of traditions to consider. 

Whether it’s your anniversary that’s coming up, or you’re celebrating a friend or relative’s time with their spouse, we’ve got some top tips to help you make the most of this amazing occasion. 

Traditions Connected with the Fifth Wedding Anniversary

As you might already know, every wedding anniversary comes with its own fair share of symbols and traditions to consider. It’s worth checking these traditions out if you’re having a hard time picking a gift for your spouse or loved one, because you can find some wonderful gift ideas connected to the symbols associated with each year. 

The fifth wedding anniversary has the symbol of wood, which might seem a little basic to begin with. However, a wooden gift can be an excellent way to demonstrate the strength of your love’s bond. Remember, wood is durable and long-lasting. It’s also a great opportunity to get back to nature. If you’ve ever needed an excuse to escape to a log cabin or for a night in the wilderness, the fifth anniversary could be the perfect date. 

If you want a more modern or contemporary gift, such as these, then silverware has become the more recent symbol for the fifth anniversary recently. Once again, the idea is that you get flatware for your partner as a gift to remind them of the meals that they’ve shared together. 

Other Symbols Associated with the Fifth Wedding Anniversary

As wedding traditions have evolved and changed, there have been a few new arrivals on the market for the fifth wedding anniversary, starting with a specific gemstone to mark the occasion – which is the sapphire or the pink tourmaline. If you can stick to blue colours or pink shades in any jewellery that you buy for your spouse, then you’re on the right track. 

However, you can also associate the colour turquoise with the fifth wedding anniversary too. A gift made out of wood and coloured glass with various shades of pink and blue could be the ultimate gift idea. Why not get a beautiful handmade vase and fill it with the flowers of the fifth wedding anniversary, which is the daisy? 

In the language of flowers, the daisy is best known for loyalty, purity, and innocence. You might be five years into your marriage now, but your daisy reminds you that you’re still in the early days of your life together, and there are a lot of amazing experiences still yet to come. 

Gift Ideas for the Fifth Wedding Anniversary

Since the official gift for fifth wedding anniversaries is wood, you’ve got a lot of options available to you. You might decide to plant a tree together in your back yard or invest in planting a whole row of trees in an area that desperately needs them. An evergreen tree is a great way to represent the consistency of your love for each other. 

You could also consider making something for each other at a wood working class. It’s much easier to find classes online and in your local areas these days. The items you make might not be professional standard, but they’ll mean something special because they came from the heart. You could even think about making something together, like a new table or stool. 

If you’re going the silverware route for your gift, then you could try planning a special dinner together with all your favourite foods where you can think back over the time you’ve spent together. You can decorate the table with arrangements of daisies in wooden vases. Or you could take your meal out into the great outdoors for a picnic. 

Take a trip to a local log cabin or go glamping so you have some time to get back to nature. Hikes through the woods are an excellent way to celebrate a fifth anniversary, and you can always relax and make daisy chains in the sunshine from time to time if the weather is right. The options are virtually endless. You could also think about having someone make something for you out of wood or gemstones that helps to represent your love.