Sicily: my dream destination for a family adventure

As my kids get older, I find myself dreaming more and more of travelling together and all the adventures we have to look forward to. My dream destination for a family adventure? Sicily.. by far. Sicily is the largest island in the Mediterranean Sea, located south of the Italian Peninsula and separated by the Strait of Messina. Not only is it a gorgeous island, it is famous for its rich history, cultural treasures and beautiful landscapes. 

It is perfect for a family holiday. The food is incredible, people are friendly, there are plenty of activities to do that kids and us parents will enjoy, there is the sea and the rolling hills, and it is simply beautiful. Plus, there are two main things that I have found can make a major impact on a holiday: transport and accommodation. Thankfully, Sicily is not too far and on the island there are three main airports. As for accommodation, it is very common in Sicily to rent apartments and it can be vey helpful to use online tools like Wishsicily to plan everything to perfection. This kind of accommodation is great especially for family travel, as it makes things much easier with small children. 

On the island, there is plenty to do and surely something for everyone! Sicily offers all the classic island activities plus some unique to the island. There are UNESCO World Heritage Sites you can visit, including Mount Etna, an active volcano and the largest one in Europe, where you can hike, cable car or ATV up and even stop for a picnic. In the winter, you can even ski! Some other sites to see are the Valley of the Temples in the city of Agrigento, Ancient Theatre in the luxurious city of Taormina, and Piazza Duomo and Ear of Dionysius in the historic city of Syracuse just to name a few. 

I know my kids won’t last as long visiting historic sites and delving into the history of them as I would, but they would sure have fun exploring and letting their imaginations wander, whilst we all would get to enjoy this incredible site with a gorgeous background. Plus, afterwards we could stop for a gelato, which would make everyone happy! 

There are lots of other activities to do together as a family that everyone will enjoy. You can spend as much time as you want relaxing on the beach (a sandy one or one with rock formations), wander along the markets to pick up some fresh (and affordable) food, visit the Etna adventure park, do some water activities like snorkelling, visit the opera, see a puppet show, enjoy a family meal with a sea view, go hiking, visit a water park, and so much more. As you can probably tell, I can go on and on with all that Sicily offers! 

For a family adventure, it makes such a difference to go somewhere where everyone will be happy. So Sicily, you are definitely number one on my list. 


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