Simple Sleep Tips For Toddlers

As part of our flat renovations we have been organising the bedrooms. The boys have to share a bedroom and as they are both co-sleepers too we needed to start weaning them into sleeping in their own beds. Silver Cross have been working with us for some time now and so when they sent over a few sleep tips we knew we had to try them out. They’ve been working with The Sleep Works to provide the best tips!

Here are our favourites:

Bedroom Use a small plug-in night light if your child appears to be nervous in the dark. Blackout blinds or curtains help to keep all external light out, which is par)cularly important to prevent early rising and help ensure good
day)me naps.

Nightwear To ensure your baby’s head is always kept uncovered by clothing or bedding, use a lightweight well-fitting sleeping bag rather than loose fitting sheets or blankets. The boys tend to sleep in a tee and nappy (a trick we
use from nursery) and then they have a cot bed quilt. Both boys tend to kick their blankets off but this is their preferred way to sleep.

Make bedtime the same time? A routine never really works in our house but we do like the children to be in bed by 8 pm so we can at least have some adult time!

Falling asleep Help your baby to gradually learn how to fall asleep independently without always needing a sleep ‘prop’ such as being fed or rocked to sleep. This is where we get stuck – we cuddle the children until they fall asleep
and bed time takes around 30-60 minutes. BUT they are small still and we know that cuddles are very much good for the child too!

Sleep on the go For naps in a pushchair, ensure your baby is lying flat and doesn’t get too hot. Silver cross prams are ideal as they recline, are roomy and have the extended hoods too! I would love to know your favourite sleep tips!

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