My Simple Style Tips

Sometimes my sense of style is shocking but over the last few months I’ve been shuffling my wardrobe about and having a bit of a wardrobe cleanse! I have loads of bits and pieces that either don’t fit or were random purchases that don’t match up with anything else!
It can be hard getting rid of those old trusted items to make way for the new. Outfits have memories attached to them but I’ve decided that if it doesn’t fit it’s going now. If they’re not being enjoyed now then it’s worth passing them on to someone that can!
Here are a few tips!
If you’re going for a streamlined capsule wardrobe make sure you pick a dress that is stand out like this one I found in the Joules sale.
I thought this would go nicely with trusty plain or more funky converse  or a nice pair of ballet flats. Both of these shoes are super versatile and pretty much go with anything! Go for bright funky prints or colours to lift your outfit!
Always have a white shirt in your wardrobe. They look smart with jeans, trousers or skirts. Just don’t let the kids sticky hands near them. I love this one from the Dorothy Perkins sale matched with a fab pair of cropped grey trousers to make a change from black! 
 Most importantly experiment but go for classic cuts if you want longevity in your wardrobe. I try and keep trends to accessories as these don’t break the bank but can give a modern touch to any classic outfit.
What are your best style tips?

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