The Small Home Investments That Make Big Returns

When it comes to doing up your home, we all like to put our personal spin on the decorations. It doesn’t even matter if you’re in a rental property; furnishings like rugs and curtains can often bring a room alive with your own taste. However, when it comes to doing up your house for a return financially, it can be hard to know where to begin. Not everybody’s tastes are the same, and if you are looking at getting a higher amount for what the property than the price that you bought it at, there are some improvements that are going to have to be made.


Paint Job


If you do the job yourself, refreshing the paint that you have got around the house can be quite a cheap task. Paint itself varies on price depending on the brand and where you get it, so it doesn’t have to cost you the earth unless you make it that way. When it comes to putting your house on the market, those who are viewing are more likely to purchase or show an initial interest if it is a neutral colour scheme the whole way through. That way they can get a clearer image of where everything is going to go. Decorating to your own tastes shouldn’t be discouraged, but just be aware of this being the most simple thing that you can do to attract buyers.


Convert Your Garage


There are a lot of people with garages that are just left empty, or full of items that either belong in dedicated storage or in the trash, barely used. There is the potential for you to convert it into a spare room, whether it’s a bedroom, playroom, laundry room; whatever you think is the most appropriate for you to do. It’s relatively cheap to do, although a small personal loan will be able to tide you over with any extra costs. This rarely needs planning permission, and can be done in as little as a week if you have all of the materials available.


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Replace Light Bulbs


Light bulbs aren’t exactly cheap nowadays, but they’re still the best alternative that you have to putting extra windows into your house for a light source. The brighter that you rooms appear, the more space that they will seem to have. If you carefully look around your home, you may find that a couple have gone out without you noticing anyway. Keeping on top of them means that you won’t be left in the dark any time soon yourself, but it really does help with the selling process.


Change Your Knobs


New handles count for a lot. This can really freshen up a door, be it hanging on a kitchen cupboard or as an entrance to a room. In older houses, outdated doors can usually be rejuvenated with just this, meaning that you’re not spending hundreds on rehanging doors that are perfectly usable just for aesthetic reasons. Take a look on eBay for a good selection.


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