Spread A Little Kindness This Christmas and 2018

This winter Oxfam have released a campaign titled #KindnessChangesLives, which is all about how different moments of kindness, such as donations have helped those people around the world. I think is it really important to be spreading kindness at anytime of year and having already explained to Fizz why we tend to do this around December more than the rest of the year I have had a few thoughts about how we can do more in 2018 to make others feel happier.
Talk to each other.
This doesn’t take much and does not have to cost anything other than kind words. A simple hello, good morning on the way to school. It also teaches our children that strangers aren’t alway scary too! Fizz has been setting up her own project called My Happiness Project and I think we will launch something more next year.
Give some time or a few pounds instead of writing or buying Christmas cards!
If you have some spare time why not donate it? Donating doesn’t always have to be about giving away loads of cash. We all know time are tight for a lot of people right now so why not volunteer in a local charity shop like Oxfam. If you do have a few spare pounds but are time poor then you can donate to Oxfam online.
Spend Sensibly.
In Brighton we have the Real Junk Food Project where they cook nutritious meals and reduce food waste across the city. Go and buy lunch from them one day. You pay what you can afford and others who are less fortunate can eat for free. It’s about the community subsidising each other.
Teach our children to be kind.
Brighton has an increasing number of homeless in the city. If you are having a clear out of old clothes and toys then why not clean then up, wrap them up and pass them out on your travels around the city. The first time we donated a new jumper to a homeless man on the street Fizz asked why we couldn’t buy them for everyone. It takes a community effort to do this and it also teaches our children to be aware of others and to be kind to them.
These are just a few ways to spread a little kindness this winter but please do think that in 2018 we can do more, be aware, help, do what you can with what you can.

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