You Should Stamp Your Personality All Over Your Home – Here’s Why And How

You’ve just become a homeowner? Congratulations! Having your own place to finally call your own is a milestone in the lives of most people, and now means that a small portion of the Earth is now yours for you and your family. What could be better? Once you’ve moved everything into the property, you’re set up with your career, and you’re happily paying off the mortgage month by month, you might find that you’re missing something.


What could it be? For the most part, if we don’t feel fully connected in our lives, and can’t place our finger on the reason why, the problem lies not with a social, financial, or physical problem. It could be something that you need to change in your environment.


Never dismiss the power of stamping your personality all over the walls of your home. This isn’t to say that you need to coat the entire house, interior, and exterior, with your new fascination for the color of baby pink. What it does mean, however, is that decorating your house over time, bit by bit as your family grows could serve as a tangible reminder of the progress you’re making as a family, and can keep you engaged and satisfied in your home space for many years to come.


But how should you imprint your personality, and the personality of your partner, all over the rooms of your new property?


Here are a few ideas.


A ‘Shrine’ To Your Family


It might sound a little crass when defined that way, but a family ‘shrine’ can be a perfect place to keep your achievements, milestones and memorable events close to heart. This could take the form of a mural that you add to whenever you get the chance, painting it yourself or through a professional artist commission – or could simply be a trophy case that celebrates your sports-savvy child. Whatever you do, having a tangible place to share your family’s stories with one another is a sorely underused idea in most modern family homes.


Exterior Paint


The color of your home says a lot about the personality of your family. So does the state of that paint. If the house has seen better days and the pain is cracked and chipped, or if you feel you could just do with a better color update, you should hire a painting company to help you identify the theme you want, and to apply it correctly.




While the affluent ancestors of old used to enjoy having full-length oil paintings crafted of themselves and hung them in the high corridors of their loving abode, these days depicting yourself in the family home needn’t be as pompous or over-the-top. Luckily, purchasing photo’s of yourself that are taken in high resolution (book a family photoshoot if you’d like to have these made,) and blown up to beautiful, large frame proportions can then be placed on a wall and serve as a focal, reminding point of the reason you wake up and go to work each weekday.


Duly applied, you’ll be able to apply to your family home the quirks and interests that make your family home YOUR family home.


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