A Step By Step Guide For Turning Your Loft Into A Children’s Playroom

Many homeowners fail to make proper use of their loft or attic these days. Indeed, most people just end up storing the Christmas decorations up there for eleven months of the year. With that in mind, parents might consider converting the space into a playroom for their children. That is an excellent idea because getting them to spend time in that part of the home should limit any disturbance. Also, the top of the house is much warmer than anywhere else, and so the little ones should feel comfortable up there. The step by step guide below should cover all the most crucial elements of the process.

Step 1: Get planning permission


Depending on where families might live in the world, some people will have to write to their local authority to get planning permission. However, lots of folks will manage to avoid that process if they don’t make any structural changes to the building. Still, there are many professional architects out there who can offer assistance and create the blueprints. In most situations, the council will ask neighbours if they have any problems with the concept. So, it makes sense to discuss the job with the people living nearby in advance to ensure they don’t raise any concerns.


Step 2: Invest in tools and equipment


Homeowners will have to buy lots of different tools and equipment if they want to perform the conversion using the DIY method. At the very least, everyone will require insulation for the walls and some boards to keep it in place. That also means individuals will have to invest in a decent plasterboard cutter among other essentials. A cordless drill and screwdriver will also come in handy when completing the work. Just ask tradespeople friends for advice if there are any concerns.


Step 3: Create the design


Most parents will want to make sure the playroom is as functional as possible for their bundles of joy. That could mean:


  • Installing a projector and screen
  • Adding lots of storage for toys
  • Decorating in bright colours
  • Using character stencils on the walls
  • Laying a thick carpet
  • Buying a futon
  • Anything else the kids might like


Step 4: Let the children enjoy


Once homeowners have completed the job, they just need to arrange a grand opening with their little ones. The children are going to feel excited about the prospect of having an extra space in the home, and so it’s worth making a fuss. Maybe both parents could spend the night up there with their child and watch some movies? Some folks might even prepare a special meal. Be sure to get some snacks too and pick up a red ribbon to make the event as memorable as possible.


People who manage to follow that simple guide could have the playroom ready for their children in a matter of days. Those who want to save time and money should just avoid making any changes that would alter the exterior of the property. That way, the neighbours and the local authority will have no idea the work has taken place, and so they’ll have no reason to complain. Enjoy!


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