Summer Renovation Project: Getting Ready For The Winter


We know what you’re thinking. Summer has only just arrived so what is the point in thinking about the winter? Good question, but actually the warmer days are the perfect time to think about the colder weeks ahead. Considering summer won’t last forever, isn’t it better to be prepared for the colder season rather than let it creep up on you unexpectedly? While you shouldn’t give up your entire vacation time to work on your house, a renovation project is going to take time so why not make an early start.

To help you, here are four ways you can renovate your home, ensuring you stay warm whatever the weather’s like outside.

Solar panels

You are guaranteed to spend a lot of money on electricity bills trying to keep your house warm this winter. However, you can overcome the expense by installing solar panels. Using the power of the sun, this is an environmentally friendly way of generating electricity in your home, powering up your gadgets and heating your water. We all want to save money around the home, so while the initial expense may put a dent in your bank balance, you will recoup the money back eventually. Of course, you could also apply for a government grant allowing you to have solar panels fitted for free. Do you need any other persuasion?

Underfloor heating

Many of us enjoy the benefits of central heating, and on a cold winter’s day, there is nothing better than turning on the radiators and warming up the house. However, there is an alternative. Underfloor heating distributes heat evenly and efficiently, covering a larger area than your traditional radiator. You can install underfloor heating yourself, by purchasing polypipe underfloor heating kits, which come in a variety of sizes and won’t break the bank. Imagine getting out of bed and instantly feeling the heat rising as your feet hit the floor. A luxury you probably can afford.

Loft insulation

According to reports, we lose around 25% of our heat through the roof, so it makes sense to have your loft insulated to keep your home as warm as possible. Again, you will save a lot of money on your gas and electric bills as loft insulation is one of the more effective ways to improve your home’s EPC rating. You can insulate the loft yourself, no matter what your DIY skills are like, or hire a professional. However, many energy companies will insulate your loft for free, so rather than costing you money on a monthly basis, they are also doing their bit to save you some cash as well.

Upgrade your windows

A lot of heat escapes through the windows, so making a move to double glazing will insulate your home more efficiently and cut down your energy bills. You could also buy wooden window shutters which are an inexpensive way to keep your home insulated. Caulk and weather stripping will also seal any gaps in your window, ensuring you don’t suffer from any nasty draughts when you’re trying to relax at home as the winter chill sets in.


Take care, and stay warm!


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