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The Sunday Update – 30th May 2021

Morning everyone,

The final school run

It feels weird writing on this blog as it’s laid bare ready for me to transition to from The Mumington Post. TMP went down on my hosting after a series of circumstances so it seemed as good as time as any to start something new and a bit more creative.

So, what’s been going on?

Well not so much and a lot of the same time. I feel as a family we’re, like many, in this big phase of transition. We are in the middle of Summer waiting for cogs to move and also some resemblance of what our new normal is.

What am I doing here?

For a long time TMP has been phasing to more of a review site and as I’ve been phasing out sharing our children on social media it became apparent that I need a new outlet, one where I can write freely about my upcoming projects, courses I’m taking and books I’m ready. Where as I could write this all on TMP it didn’t seem right for me to keep writing on a parenting blog about stuff that didn’t include parenting. It didn’t feel like a hard transition to switch and it still doesn’t – although it does feels sad to have lost so much early years content as well.

What will I write about?

This last few years have seen me do a lot of trying to bring back myself as an active participant in my own life rather than the just a mum tag. My Hi page will tell you about the journey up to here but post that I’ve been trying, where I can, to put the work in on me. I’ve signed up to courses to help my self worth, read books to expand my mind and encourage my creativity and imagination, talked to women about my own body image on Insta.

I’ll be sharing lots of different bits and it’s only right that I use my name for this blog rather than some phrase I’ve come up with. It feels more unedited, more raw and more personal. I hope you enjoy what I have to write!


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