Why Sustainable Living Doesn’t Have To Look Ugly

There are so many things that put people off going ‘green.’ Of course, the biggest problem for many is the appearance of it. We’re all for life being cheaper, and perhaps the impact on the environment plays on your mind a little. Wouldn’t it be better if all of these new technologies and innovations didn’t make your home look so… well… ugly?


Growing your own is really big now. People want to combine healthy eating with convenience, and that totally makes sense. But turning over your outdoor entertaining area to a veggie patch doesn’t inspire much take-up of the idea. However, if you dig (sorry about the pun) a bit deeper, you can find lots of different ways to grow your vegetables and fruit that don’t fill up your garden space.


Image from Pexels


You can install raised beds, use hanging baskets and pots, or even grow indoors if you have extra space. It’s also possible to hide the fact you’ve got vegetables growing out there if you undertake some clever landscaping. Don’t give up on your idea to enjoy sustainable living just yet.


Solar panels are turning up on roofs everywhere. Some places are offering financial incentives to install them. It makes sense to take advantage of solar energy. After all, it provides power for free, making your home more sustainable. If you’re convinced that free energy is for you (and why wouldn’t you be), then research the solar companies that can offer you choices for your installation. If your house faces south, then it makes sense to put the panels on the front roof of your property. If you don’t like the look of the panels, then you might want to find ground level solutions that don’t affect your view.


Fortunately, most solar panels look quite attractive when they are installed properly. They can help your home look even more contemporary. So what can you do indoors that will help you on the way to more sustainable or green approach to living? If you’ve seen my post on no sew pillows, you’ll know just how quickly and easily you can change your decor to stay on trend in an instant. By sourcing your own fabrics, you can be more mindful about where they’re from, and how they were manufactured. Plus, you are recycling your original pillow. It doesn’t get much more environmentally friendly than that!


How much do you recycle? Sure, it can be a hassle, and all those different containers just clutter the home. Why not allocate a cupboard for them? This could be just outside your kitchen door, or maybe in your utility space. When they’re out of sight, they can’t look bad. What this offers aside from a great esthetic is convenience. If you can just tip each of your garbage items into the relevant containers as you go, then your trash is already sorted and ready for collection.


Don’t be put off by a sustainable approach to your lifestyle just because it might look unattractive. There are plenty of ways to change the look of things or hide that you have them at all. Who knows? Maybe you’re ready to make a design statement by having these things in plain sight for all to see?


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