Tackling the Problems of Settling Down

Once you settle down with a partner, your life changes. Suddenly, it’s a shared experience. You may be thinking about buying property together or starting a family. In any case, it’s definitely something you should be fully prepared for – because a lot of people find the experience more difficult than they’d bargained for! Here are some of the potential problems of “settling down” that you should consider.


Fading relationships

Once you find the “right one”, you’ll start to see a noticeable shift in your life. Your partner will become one of the only people who you see and spend time with on a daily basis! Sure, you might see your friends on the occasional Friday night. Or, you may get the odd weekend away. But, for the most part, your life starts to revolve around your partner. This isn’t always the easiest transition, but you’ll find it happens quite gradually. It’s usually at the time when you start getting one Christmas card addressed to both you.

Once you have children, this shift continues to grow! It’s essential that you continue to nurture other relationships. This is part of why a child care centre can be so useful. You can both head out with some old friends, or even go out on a date together so you can get some calming time alone.


Arguments and other stresses

Once you slot into a long term relationship or get married, you might hit the occasional big argument. These can often seem more serious than they are. They will be started by the most stupid of things. A marital spat could be set off by something seemingly benign. After that a heated confrontation can begin and the word “divorce” suddenly appears out of nowhere in your mind. You even start to think that you might need counselling. It could happen at any time in your relationship.

Just remember that arguments are common; even the best co-habitated relationships usually have them! Just ensure you keep a cool head and that you always remain empathetic. By the way, this is another reason you should take the time to go out on dates together – it relieves pent-up stress!


Costs and coverage

One of the biggest things you have to think about when settling down with a partner is coverage. This is particularly important if your partner is dependent on your paycheck. Or, if you have kids that need your income to live on. We are of course talking about life insurance. You shouldn’t dismiss it as unnecessary so easily. A marriage is a financial commitment as well as a romantic one. You should do everything you can to make sure they are protected in the event of your passing. Different life insurance companies have varied prices so make sure you look around for the one suited for you.

This also highlights the fact that you’ll be sharing costs. You have to think about this when buying things that are solely for you. Don’t forget that your finances are now tied to your partner. Any cost for you is a cost for t


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