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What’s needed in your home office?

It has been nearly 10 years since I decided to go it alone and leave the comfy bosom of a regular wage and take charge of my own destiny.

Top Tips // Five Tips For Freelancers

When you are balancing a freelance career around children there are many moments that may feel that you are about to drop the ball. I’ve been freelancing since 2009 and even now (especially when I returned from maternity leave this Read more…


I have a few blogs to catch up on since the past few days (or week) has been a storm of work basically. My work and life balance flew somewhere out the window by the end of Sunday. Monday morning Read more…

Freelancer Thoughts

It seems quite a while ago I took the leap into full time self employment. The first 8 months were fabulous (although cushioned by savings).

Freelance and nearly fancy free

This year has been so my so called whirlwind year. After starting with a small idea and one lady willing to test my ideas out I am not about to jump properly into the world of self employment.