Taking Comfort in Your Home When You Need to Be Grounded

Being able to find comfort in your home is essential. Whether you’re a homebody or you prefer to spend your time going out and doing things, you want somewhere you can feel safe and comfortable. You might think that soon after moving into a new home, it will start to become more comfortable and homely to you on its own. However, without a little effort from you, it might not be as comfortable as you want. Or it could be a comfortable place, but you’re not sure how to enjoy the comfort it offers you. If you want to take comfort in your home, here are a few of the ways you can do it.

Underneath Your Feet

Sometimes, when you’re looking for some comfort, it helps to get yourself grounded. This is one of the techniques often recommended in mindfulness and other meditation methods. By taking stock of what’s around you and focusing on what you can feel, see and hear, you can feel calmer and more grounded in reality. Having something comforting beneath your feet can be one way to do this. While you could put on some slippers or fluffy socks, a rug can also be good to place your feet on. When you’re sat on your sofa or a chair, you can put your feet on the rug and feel its texture and warmth.

Shut Yourself Away

At the end of a long day, shutting out the rest of the world can help you to recharge. Some might say that it’s not the most mature way of dealing with things, but it can actually be just what you need. One way to achieve a comforting and private space is to have a heavy pair of curtains you can draw across a window. You deserve to have good curtains anyway. You can even get them custom made https://www.montgomery.co.uk/shop/made-to-measure-curtains and other sites that offer similar services. As well as drawing the curtains, you can find a comfortable corner of your home to close the door, sit with a book, or even just get into bed for a little while.


Cuddle Up

Being able to cuddle up somewhere comfortable will always help you to feel better if you’re tired or have had a bad day. So a comfy space, where you can settle in and enjoy just sitting or lying down for a while, is a great addition to any home. It’s also a good place to have a cuddle with your child or with your pet. This space might just be on the sofa in your living room, or an armchair in your bedroom. Or maybe it’s just your bed. Find yourself somewhere comfy to settle in when you’re tired.

Enjoy Your Favourite Items

Everyone has their favourite things around their home that they enjoy. Maybe you like fiddling with a particular ornament, or you have a throw cushion you enjoy hugging. When you need to take some comfort in your home, enjoy handling your favourite items in the ways that make you happy. Maybe it soothes you to get out everything you need for a smoothie and turn your blender on. Whatever makes you happy when you’re at home, don’t be afraid to take pleasure and comfort in them.

Take Pleasure in Comforting Scents

Our sense of smell is an incredible thing. The right smell can evoke a precious memory or help you to relax when you’re feeling stressed. Many people have particular scents that they associate with feeling good. Perhaps you love the smell of a bonfire, freshly cut grass, or just-baked bread. You can’t always enjoy the scents you love wherever you want, but you can often replicate them. Using candles and incense, you can enjoy a range of fragrances, which often simulate natural scents. You can enjoy the smell of woodsmoke from a candle, instead of having to light a fire.


Get the Temperature Right

Being warm and cosy in your home is essential when it’s cold outside. But, equally, you want to be able to cool down if the weather is warmer. If you want to cosy up, it’s first a good idea to ensure that your home is able to retain its heat. If it’s well insulated, wrap yourself in your favourite throw or blanket on cold or dreary days to get comfortable. During the summer, you might prefer it if your home isn’t quite as cosy.
There are lots of ways to find comfort in your home, whether you’ve had a bad day or just need some peace and quiet.


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