The Charm Of Life

I have really got back into crytals and charms recently and I’ve been looking at ways I can incorporate them more into my life.

One of the ways to do this is to think about carrying a crystal or wearing a charm as a reminder of what is important to you in your everyday life.

I have been carrying a piece of quartz with me as a daily reminder to take time to breathe and rest. You could carry a piece of howlite to help with communications problems or think about how different crystals feel on different fats. At the moment I am dean to selenite.

I also wear a necklace with breathe and a star on it to help me remember that sometimes just taking a moment can help my mental health feel easier. By wearing a reminder and having something for my hands to touch it reminds me how far I have come in my journey since having PND.

I have also looked at wearing a charm bracelet like those from

Charms and simple reminders you keep with you are a great way to prompt you to think about your day, how you feel and your self care.

For example the tree of life brings together all of creation and is a good way to remember those who love and have loved us. Or maybe the heart charm would be fabulous for a parent to gift to another on the birth of a new baby. Symbolism is really important and make sure you look into the background of them to make sure you buy something fitting.

They are also a good way to show how you feel about someone, offering a charm for a new bracelet perhaps to show how much they mean to you.

Do you love crystals and charms? Do you have any that remind you of a particular time or a special message? Let me know!


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