The Mood Is Mother

The Mother.

The 1st and most powerful being of existence on every realm.

The creator and the destroyer.

Everything moves, flows, is and isn’t through her will.

She is THEE divine.

Both feminine and masculine. Births feminine and masculine.

She is whole. The All. Responsible for All.

To know Mother is to know source.

Me & my beautiful client Sophia who is more like spirit family

It is no coincidence that there is a big movement centered around women, the feminine, reclaiming our power and divine ways of being. This planet has been operating -by force and slick tactics- on trauma, fear, hatred and separation far too long. It has shaped our beliefs, mindsets, behaviors, how we do relationships and everyday living for generation after generation. I don’t even have to dive into how this looks because, well, you experience it, you know it and see it all around us. It is now imprinted into our collective consciousness. And even deeper, our collective unconscious.

.….Which means it’s been normalized to be in a state of fear, to hate each other and ourselves, to be motivated by violence, to be stuck in trauma and comfortable with being docile and disconnected. To be clear and to the point…This is a product of Patriarchy. It serves its purpose but there will always be an imbalance when our lives and well-being is governed under a patriarchal system.

And Mama is tired. Tired of the irresponsibility and misuse of the power she gave to maintain and evolve this planet. She has been awakened. And awakening her essence within all who can carry out her message, both female and the male. Her presence is getting louder and louder.

The Mother is feminine in its purest form and physically manifested as a woman but that doesn’t mean a man lacks the ability to mother, it is a fact that he does. He is both feminine and masculine as well, he has just lost touch with his feminine nature. As we all have under this current system.  

Just like lost children, we have been searching for something. Searching for meaning, searching for wholeness, searching for comfort, for nurturing, for healing…for what only a mother can provide. The only way to shift this current collective consciousness is to reconnect with the matriarch. The mother. The feminine. After all, we are in her womb.

Since she has been stripped of her place in humanity, she is now reclaiming her power and taking back responsibility for creation. These natural disasters and craziness of the world are no accident. It is a purge of the old and her attempt to heal herself…which is activating the feminine within us to purge and heal ourselves. We are resurrecting our relationship with The Mother so we can heal these bandaged wounds, bring balance to the imbalances, be in tune with our emotions, move with unconditional love for self and others, create new ways of being and save this planet.


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